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21 Day Career Champion Course

The Who, What When, Where, Why & How to Becoming the Champion of Your Career or Business | taught by Silvica Rosca
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Course description

In 21 days, learn how to project confidence, lead through influence, and be the CHAMPION of your career and business. This is the who, what, where, when, why, and HOWs (yes, multiple hows) to taking charge of your life and career. The 5 W's give you a foundation and direction, the Hows give you the force and momentum to get to your destination.

Get ready to:

  • Discover your driving force (the WHY that keeps you going against all odds)
  • Deep dive into who you are and who you need to be in order to achieve the career and business success you want
  • Identify what you truly want to accomplish in your career or business.
  • Learn how to leverage your past "mistakes" and successes to move your forward
  • The 3 keys actions to actually accomplishing what you set out to do

The course consists of 7 virtual coaching sessions, jam-packed with knowledge and action steps. Each session includes an action worksheet.

Silvica Rosca
Silvica Rosca
Leadership & Mental Performance Coach

Silvica Rosca seeks to empower professionals to become more impactful leaders by first learning to lead themselves. Her leadership expertise spans multiple sectors, including non-profit, higher education, and aerospace. For the past 12 years she has worked at Raytheon across all areas of finance, managing budgets up to $100M, and as an active leader in various employee resource groups. She is an certified Extreme Focus coach, and uses that training to bring the athletic mental performance mindset to the business world.

She has coached athletes, business owners, and high performing employees. She has taught leadership classes at companies such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Southern California Gas, and Southern California Edison.