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Confident, Caring Leaders | taught by Silvica Rosca

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Are you ready to fearlessly transform yourself and live your dream?

Do you want to command attention, exude confidence, and inspire trust? 

Are you ready to become the leader you've always wanted to be at work or in your business?

If you are ...
then Be Fearless is for you!

It's no secret, that women make amazing leaders. Study after study shows that female leaders help improve profitability for all businesses, be they small businesses, start-ups, or large corporations. They also show that females underestimate their leadership abilities. Ladies, you are GOLD! You have a gift! And it is time that you BOLDLY take YOUR place at the helm of your personal and business life!

Begin your transformational journey to become the leader of your LIFE, your CAREER, and your BUSINESS!

Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll have access to weekly videos, action assignments, and replay access of group coaching calls to help you:

  • See and appreciate yourself for the FEARLESS leader you truly are!
  • Take ownership of your path and step boldly into the future!
  • Take your best next step with clarity!
  • Learn how to use your strengths and weaknesses, your work and communication styles to create more collaborative teams!
  • Bravely acknowledge your emotions, and use them to more effectively connect and communicate with your team!
  • Create goals congruent with your true desires - those that make you feel vibrant and alive - in career, business and life!
  • Increase your level of self-confidence and belief to achieve bigger goals!
  • Learn the techniques that elite athletes use to achieve high-level results, and how to use them to become the superstar in YOUR field!
  • Learn how to get in and stay in your own, personal productivity zone, keep momentum, and never fall back!

Are you ready to take your life, career or business to the next level? 

Start by taking yourself to the next level!

Start by stepping up as a caring, confident, and collaborative leader. Join Be Fearless!

Here is the breakdown of what you can expect by week:

Week 1: Own your path! We feel most satisfied when we are in control. So the first week, you will learn to take charge of your life, take ownership for your path, and boldly shape your future!

Week 2: Uncover your natural gifts and strengths. You’ll blow away, once and for all, all the lies you’ve been telling yourself. You know those lies. The whispers that doubt if you can do it. That doubt if you’re good enough. That doubt if you’re capable. You’ll get an amazing in-depth personality analysis to blast all that away and gain another level of confidence in your leadership and communication abilities.

Week 3: Train your mind to work for you! You’ll remove the stories that no longer serve you, and write brave, confident stories that will propel you further into your success! You will have cleared the rubble of the past, and start building the foundation of a beautiful, bold future!

Week 4: Build the plans for your future! You’ll dream bigger dreams, turn them into goals with a deadline, and also learn how to truly release the past goals that no longer serve you. Basically, you’ll become a motivated, boss babe and start building momentum towards achieving your goals!

Week 5: Master your emotions! Leading a team can be such an emotional roller coaster. Learn how to switch into the emotional state you want, and learn how to influence the emotional state of your team. A rising tide lifts all ships! And you want your entire team propelling forward in the direction of your business goals.

Week 6: Uncover the power of your words. Learn how to use them to create positive energy, charged for productivity and performance. You’ll replace the negative self-talk with positive words of encouragement, and continue building up that momentum.

Week 7: Harness the power of the present. You will learn how to become a better problem solver, stay calm under pressure, and boost your creativity. All things that come in handy as a business leader in a dynamic, fast-changing environment.

Week 8: Fearless Courage! Become fearless, unapologetically courageous. That’s right, your confidence and courage will be Beyonce level!

8 weeks of transformation. 8 weeks of learning how to lead yourself and your team better!

And as a bonus, you will receive the 13-week Champions’ Success Planner. It is part planner, part journal, and it enables you to incorporate the habits that highly successful people have into your daily life. It literally is your tool to get into the success routine!

And, as a life-time member, you will have access to any future bonuses that are created for the Be Fearless alumni.

What do you say? Are you ready to step up as FEARLESS leader? 

Are you ready to BE more so that you can HAVE more? 

Your destiny awaits. The WORLD is waiting. 



Step into your purpose now! 



8 Online Coaching Sessions & Action Assignments


In-depth personality assessment


Online Community


Online Access to Me (via Course Community)


VIP REPLAY Access to 8 Coaching Sessions


BONUS 1: 13 Week Champion’s Success Planner


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What are you waiting for? Get started on your journey to become more powerful, confident, influential, and caring leader. Be Fearless!

As always, this course has a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't get any value within the first 4 weeks, request a refund and it will be given to you. Although, most people are so blown away, they never use this option! 

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Silvica Rosca
Silvica Rosca
Leadership & Mental Performance Coach

Silvica Rosca seeks to empower professionals to become more impactful leaders by first learning to lead themselves. Her leadership expertise spans multiple sectors, including non-profit, higher education, and aerospace. For the past 12 years she has worked at Raytheon across all areas of finance, managing budgets up to $100M, and as an active leader in various employee resource groups. She is an certified Extreme Focus coach, and uses that training to bring the athletic mental performance mindset to the business world.

She has coached athletes, business owners, and high performing employees. She has taught leadership classes at companies such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Southern California Gas, and Southern California Edison. 

Email: silvica@silvicarosca.com

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